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The journey from being a developer to becoming an architect is fulfilling by itself. Also, every developer must take the decision that he/she does not want to take the managerial growth path.



Karthikeyan VK

Karthikeyan VK is an avid speaker and passionate about the latest technologies. He has 15 years of experience in the software industry. He is an expert in cloud-native technology and has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for the past four years for his contribution to the developer community. Currently, he is VP-Engineering in a well-reputed company. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies during his career and has mentored many developers in his career.

The author is passionate about explaining complex things in simple terms. He has conducted many workshops that have helped developers to move their careers to the next level. His workshop on how to become an architect has been very successful and attendees have given great feedback and it was one of the most celebrated workshops in the Indian region for a software architectural career. Karthikeyan loves to read books, mostly non-fiction books and is very much interested in behavioral science.

His passion is to make the developer's life better by teaching what he has learned from his experience. He lives in Chennai with his parents and shares their home with his wife and two extraordinary kids. He is currently writing a book on serverless technology in the cloud.


Developers Road ahead

The journey from being a developer to becoming an architect is fulfilling by itself. Also, every developer must take the decision that he/she does not want to take the managerial growth path. The journey involves a four steps process, Learn and build methods to update your technical skills, Learn people management, Get highly productive, and Become responsible for your life. You should carry out the four steps in reverse. This book gives you a one-stop shop on how you can become a successful software architect and excel in your career, both personally and professionally.
In this book, you will learn the following.
● How to ignore politics and still climb the corporate ladder
● How to update yourself
● How to learn core concepts faster
● How to see the big picture when architecting solutions
● How to overcome procrastination.
● How to overcome the fear of becoming invalid in your company
● How to write a quick architecture document for any project

Great thoughts from Author... Must buy for software developer


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